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New Arrival : Shaped Glass Edge Grinding CNC Controller

Updata Time:2018-09-12 11:36
 Everybody is familiar with the topic of glass which is used widely in our life such as mobile, mirror, TV, etc. Objects made by glass generally can be divided into the following categories.

Mobile phone toughened glass is used with beautification function and protection in the field of mobile industry.

Glass furniture becomes the indispensable element with the features of beauty, affordability and non-pollution in the field of modern home decoration.
The rapid development of real estate industry of decorative building materials for the building decoration industry provides a huge space for development; glass decoration arises at the historic moment. It has light weight, the atmosphere, beautiful appearance, and the characteristics of the economy.

Electronics industry safe, beautiful is the basic requirement of electronic glass in the electronics industry; glass in the electronic industry has been fairly widely, such as domestic appliances.
All the samples above are made by the CNC machine below. WEIHONG shaped glass edge grinding CNC controller supports double station processing, double y axis and double z axis.
WEIHONG provides CNC control solutions for 1-5 axes according to the different demand for glass processing precision and shape of the finished product. 5 axis CNC Controller is mainly applied in spell mirror industry.
CNC control system advantages:
Tool path can be drawn and edited
Chamfering setting, leading settings, etc
Supporting integrated coarse grinding and polishing
Wheel real-time compensation function, high polishing effects
Supporting for grinding wheel wear measurement and automatically adjust the amount of wear and tear

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