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New Arrival : WEIHONG WISE Servo with Mechatrolink-ⅡBus Protocol

Updata Time:2018-06-07 11:33
After nearly one year of research and development and test, WEIHONG WISE AC servo with Mechatrolink-II protocol (here in after referred to as M II) will be officially introduced to the market in August 2016. Its successful launch will be "packaged" with WEIHONG CNC control systems, which will improve higher precision machining needs.
WISE M II is optimized to upgrade and integrate with the advantages of WISE AC servo controlled by receiving pulse. It has high stability and reliability.
In terms of bus communication rate, WISE M II has higher efficiency and speed. WISE M II line between each servo drive shaft clock synchronization precision is less than a millisecond; refresh cycle is less than 100 microseconds, which is suitable for multiple spindles, high precision motion control. There is one situation especially for multi-axis between each other which need to keep high speed working and faster interpolation.
WEIHONG WISE Servo with Mechatrolink-ⅡBus Protocol has following features:  

Effectively reduce the communication jamming
Pulse type servo drive can reduce the stability of pulse signal, due to the pulse signal transmission cables are easily interfered by external electromagnetic. But WISE M II can significantly improve the stability of the bus communication with error detection and handling mechanism.
Higher motion control performance
The movement trajectory planning is controlled inside servo. The cnc controller only needs to transfer the signals of the target position, speed, and acceleration information to servo diver. So the drive can predict the next moment of motion parameters, and then forward measures to improve the performance of motion control.

Control system wiring connection easily
The control system of the pulse type driver is required to be connected with each driver through the pulse cable, which often causes the control system and the drive cable to be dense and complex. But WISE M II driver only needs to use one cable connection with one of the drives, and the rest drives can be connected with the driver by using the chain type method.
Control unit interface requirements reduced, lower cost
Multiple bus drivers only need one interface to connect with motion control system. The control system does not require the pulse modules, and also do not need to consider increasing the number of control systems to adapt to multiple drives. In this way, it can save more pulse modules and the cost of multiple control systems.
WEIHONG WISE servo with Mechatrolink-II bus protocol can provide higher precision machining effects applied in cnc woodworking, 3C, waterjet, metal mold industry, etc.

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